Namn: Modest Medusa
Skapare: Jake Richmond(som också är med i serien!)
Genre: Internet Serie
Jag Tycker: Att den är jätte rolig! >-< Dom ska börja på sesong 2 på typ måndag. :)
Link: http://www.modestmedusa.com/
I created this one when the strip reached 1 million hits on Drunk Duck. I love Team Rocket, so this was great fun. I pretty much chose the pokemon at random though.
This was done for a t-shirt design celebrating the 100th strip. No one has bought one yet, sadly.
This was the bonus illustration for when the comic reached 1 million hits! I&#8217;m a huge Zelda fan, and Marah has become quite  a fan of the recent DS games, so this seemed like an obvious way to go. for our first group cosplay illustration.
One of the very first Modest Medusa illustrations. I was still trying to figure out what she looked like. See, she has 6 snakes here!
Källa: Jake Richmond
Hoppas ni kommer älska den! :D
//mvh. Frida

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